1.1 AUTONOM SERVICES S.A. collects personal data through its Website pages, only with the client’s express consent, for the following purposes:

  • Billing, sending and validating client related documents
  • Solving any kind issues or amendments related to contracts, or any purchases done by the client.
  • To ensure the client has access to our services.
  • To send newsletter or periodical alerts in an exclusively online format.
  • To contact the client at his voluntary request.
  • To contact the client regarding any Client Relations issues.
  • Statistical purposes.

1.2 Through the submission of private data, each Client expresses its consent that AUTONOM SERVICES S.A. can collect and administer personal data, in condition and with respect to Law 677/2001. The data will be collected through the programs Clintelica or Mail Chimp, into a database where they will be used in marketing activities, sending promotional materials while strictly adhering to the standing laws regarding the processing of personal data.

1.3 Any Client has the right to obtain from AUTONOM SERVICES S.A., through a written request at the e-mail address:

a) Confirmation that the Client’s personal data are not being tampered with at any given time;

b) If applicable - The rectification, actualization, blocking or removing of personal data that’s processing is not allowed by law, incomplete or incorrect data.

c) If applicable – Change personal data to anonymous, the processing of which is not sanctioned by law.


1.4 All of our clients have the right to oppose the processing of their personal data at any moment. This can be done for legitimate purposes which apply to this particular situation, through the sending of a written request that states that the personal data cannot be processed. Exceptions are made for the situations in which there is a legal disposition against it. In case of justified opposition, the processing of said data cannot be completed.

1.5 AUTONOM SERVICES S.A. Privacy Policy refers to data provided by the Client through the contact form available in the “Contact” section of our website, through the newsletter subscription form or through the Calculator page. AUTONOM SERVICES S.A. does not answer for any other Privacy Policies practiced by a third party outside the website.

1.6 AUTONOM SERVICES S.A. is responsible that the collected User/Client data is used only in conformity with the purposes declared and will not, under any circumstances, make public, sell, rent, license, transfer, etc. the database of information containing personal Client/User data to any third party entity.

1.6.1 An exception to the above is made when transfer/access/viewing/etc. is requested by an authorized entity in cases under the mentioned regulations at the date of the event.

1.7 AUTONOM SERVICES S.A. only collects the following personal information: name, e-mail, phone number, address, company information.

AUTONOM SERVICES SA is registered as personal data operator no. 16211.