Here's a list of Autonom's most important media appearances.

May 2022 Business lessons - Dan Ștefan, Autonom | Niches are great for business. Details HERE. The Kané Group obtains financing of 1.8 million RON from Autonom Ventures. Details HERE.

April 2022 Autonom closes 2021 with a net profit of 22.5 mill lei, more than 3 times higher than 2020, with revenues of 394 mil lei, plus 20,6%. Details HERE. Autonom takes over Tiriac Operating Lease, the operating lease division of the Tiriac Group. The Competitors Council authorized the transaction. Details HERE.

March 2022 Transactions with Autonom bonds of 9,4 mil euro in March, almost 20% of the 48-mil euro issued in the fall of last year. Details HERE. Autonom Services doubles its net profit, up to 22,3 mil lei in 2021. Operating income of 392 mil lei plus 20%, compared to 2020. Details HERE.

February 2022 Solidarity. How the business environment gets involved, and where you can donate for the Ukrainian refugees. Details HERE.

January 2022 Transaction on the operating lease market: Autonom buys Tiriac Operating Lease, the operating lease division of the Tiriac Group, a business of over 80 mil lei per year. Details HERE.

December 2021

ZF.Ro/ Autonom Services, the integrated supplier of mobility services, is listing bonds of over 48 mil euro today; interest of 4.11% per year. Details HERE. Autonom continues it’s financing through BVB and lists the first bonds linked to sustainability objectives. Details HERE. Magdalena Caramilea: “Sustainability represents a huge opportunity for any entrepreneur”. Details HERE.

November 2021 Autonom prepares a five-year financing of 50 mil. Euro through BRD and BT CP. The money will be used for growing the business. On Wednesday, the company received ASF’s OK for the emissions prospect. Details HERE. Autonom Services attracted 48 mil. Euro in the largest private bond placement of an entrepreneurial company. Next is the listing on the main market of the Bucharest Stock Exchange. Details HERE.

October 2021 Autonom aims to reduce the average carbon emissions of its operational fleet by 51% until 2030. Details HERE.

September 2021 Autonom Services, with bonds listed at BVB, tripled its profits in the first semester of 2021, up to 12.5 mil. Lei. Business has grown by 21%, up to 178 mil. Lei. Details HERE.

July 2021 Autonom, the most important independent player with Romanian capital in the operating lease and rent-a-car market in Romania, joins ARIR. Details HERE.

June 2021 Fitch confirms the B plus rating for Autonom and modifies the company’s perspective from negative to stable. Details HERE.

May 2021 Autonom Services, consolidated income of 327 mil. lei in 2020. Details HERE. Autonom Group – 10% increase in operational income. Details HERE.

April 2021 Marius Ştefan, CEO of Autonom joined the Supervisory Board of OMV Petrom, the largest company listed in Bucharest. Details HERE.

March 2021 Autonom Services, the leader on the car rental market, has completed the merger process with BT Operational Leasing. Details HERE. Autonom Services, the car rental company with bonds listed at BVB, reports declining results in 2020: net profit of 5 million lei and operating income of 326,3 million lei. Details HERE.

December 2020 Autonom: Only 1% of Romanians request a replacement car during the repairment period. Details HERE.

November 2020 Booksofleaders. The year with 52 books. Details HERE. Dan Toma, Autonom Road Assistance: In the future we see a digitalization and professionalization of the system with a more balanced distribution of the market share on RCA. Details HERE.

October 2020 Autonom, the rent-a-car company with the largest entrepreneurial financing listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange, reports a 73% drop in profit for the first quarter of 2021. Details HERE. The Autonom Group increased its revenue during the pandemic, despite the decrease in the rent-a-car area. Details HERE.

July 2020 Autonom launches a guide for entrepreneurs. Details HERE.

June 2020 Invest in Romania! A project by ZF & CEC Bank. Marius Stefan CEO & Founder of Autonom: We will issue bonds and look for acquisitions. Details HERE. Autonom receives the “B+” rating from Fitch. Details HERE.

May 2020 The best results in the history of Autonom strengthened the company for the difficult situation in 2020. Details HERE.

April 2020 The current crisis challenges us to find new opportunities to adapt our services. Details HERE.

December 2019 Autonom enters the ownership of Impact Hub Bucharest, following an investment of 2 million euros. Details HERE. Dan Stefan, co-founder and shareholder of Autonom speaks about the listing of 20 million euros bonds on the Stock Exchange. Details HERE. The largest bond issuance hits the Bucharest Stock Exchange: Autonom issues 20€ mil worth of bonds. Details HERE. Forbes 30 for RO30 – Marius and Dan Stefan. Details HERE.

DIGI 24/ I am Romanian, why I stay | Interview with Dan Stefan at Romania Fast Forward. Details HERE.

October 2019 Autonom, partner at From Family Business to Corporation event held by Medlife. Details HERE. Autonom has a new visual identity. Details HERE. Autonom expands its range of services and announces changes in the company structure. Details HERE.

July 2019 Marius Stefan: The Romanian car rental market is constantly growing. Details HERE.

June 2019 Autonom becomes part of the Millenium Insurance Broker shareholder. Details HERE.

May 2019 Autonom joins Upgrader to support entrepreneurship education in Romania. Details HERE.

March 2019

Business Review/ Best CEO of SMEs and Best Employer are the awards obtained by Dan and Marius Stefan at the Gala Business Review Awards. Details HERE.

September 2019 Autonom and BERD, agreement for development. Details HERE.

DIGI 24/ Learning from failure | Interview with Dan and Marius Stefan at Romania Fast Forward.Details HERE.

July 2018

Blog Autonom/ Autonom has finalized the transaction with Banca Transilvania Financial Group for the acquisition of BT Operational Leasing. Details HERE.

May 2018

Business Review | Dan Stefan (Autonom Rent-a-Car): Our solution to disruption is to stay agile as we grow. Details HERE. | Transactions in the lease market: The financial group Banca Transilvania sells its operating lease division to the rent-a-car company Autonom. Details HERE.

Wall | What plans does Autonom have following the purchase of BT Operational Leasing. Dan Stefan, at Inspiration in Business. Details HERE.

April 2018 | Autonom is included in the “Entrepreneurial Museum. Details HERE and HERE.

WorldBlu | Freedom at Work. Autonom is made a part of the World Blu community. Details HERE and HERE.

March 2018

Wall | Autonom: Under 1% of the RCA faulted know they can receive a replacement car during the repairs. Details HERE. | Autonom, amongst the best employers in Romania Details HERE.

December 2017 | The Brothers Stefan from Neamt have reached 22 mil. Euros in business from car rentals in two countries. The business in Hungary, plus 25%. Details HERE.

Iunie 2017 | How do we value a second chance in entrepreneurship – interview with Dan Stefan. Details HERE.

May 2017

Blog Autonom | For the fourth year in a row we are on the Car Rental Company of the Year podium in the Romanian TopHotel Awards Gala. Details HERE.

DIGI 24 | The Autonom story at Romania Fast Forward – how we started our business and how we grew along the years. Details HERE.

April 2017

DIGI 24 | Autonom, among the 15 companies awarded in the “Made in Romania” final. Details HERE.

March 2017

Le Petit Journal | About success and the organizational culture – interview with Dan Stefan. Details HERE.

February 2017

Business Review | Autonom receives the Business Review award during the Business Award gala. Details HERE.

November 2016 | About development and growing the business environment – interview with Marius Stefan Details HERE.

Blog Autonom | We are honored to receive, for the third year in a row, the Best Employer award. Details HERE.

August 2016 | The courage of being autonomous means innovation and avoiding patterns – interview with Marius and Dan Stefan. Details HERE.

April 2016 | The Autonom story from start to present. Details HERE.

March 2016 | About opportunities and challenges found while developing relations within people in the team – interview with Marius Stefan. Details HERE.

February 2016 | Autonom, a family business growing to be the largest company in its field according to Forbes. Details HERE.

January 2016 | Autonom lessons for the year 2016 – interview with Marius Stefan. Details HERE.

November 2015 | Interview with Dan Stefan in Cariere magazine about values and their role in the company’s success. Details HERE.

Wall | Marius Stefan, CEO Autonom, appointed “Entrepreneur of the Year” 2015 during the Wall-Street Awards Gala. Details HERE.

September 2015 | About Autonom’s growth in the B2B segment.Details HERE. | Dan Stefan, speaks at the conference “Entrepreneur looking for financing”. Details HERE. | About the eco world and sustainability, interview with Dan Stefan. Details HERE.

April 2015 | About the Autonom business and more – mobile interview with Marius Stefan. Details HERE.

February 2015 | About the man and entrepreneur Marius Stefan. Details HERE.

November 2014

Digi24 | Autonom Rent a Car, from idea to success. Details HERE.

Blog Autonom | Autonom Rent a Car obtains second place in the Best Employers 2014 awards gala. Details HERE.

Blog Autonom | Marius Stefan, general manager Autonom Rent a Car, reaches the finals of the Entrepreneur of the Year competition. Details HERE.

October 2014

Forbes | We are awarded a special courage award during the Forbes 500 Business Awards Gala. Details HERE.

Septembrie 2014 | The recipe of Romanian entrepreneurs that won against multinationals. Details HERE.

ZF Live | Autonom Rent a Car, a business of millions, on ZF Live. Details HERE.

August 2014

Business Magazine | Dan Stefan, manager of Autonom Rent a Car, is included in the Top 100 Young Managers, realized by Business Magazine. Details HERE and HERE.

May 2014

Blog Autonom | Autonom Rent a Car is awarded the title of Car Rental Company of the Year during the Hotel Tourism and Leisure Investment conference. Details HERE.

April 2014

Forbes | Dan Stefan, founder and executive manager of Autonom Rent a Car presents our entrepreneurial story as a guest for the “First Million” event, hosted by Forbes. Details HERE and HERE.

November 2012

Blog Autonom | We are awarded, along other nine entrepreneurs in the Moldavia region, during the “Champions in Business” event for results obtained in 2011. Details HERE.



Autonom is the most important independent player with Romanian capital, established in 2006, in Piatra Neamț and is in the top 5 players, in the main sectors of activity: operating lease and car rental.

During its activity, Autonom has developed the largest mobility network on the Romanian market and now offers its customers, companies and individuals, a variety of mobility and financial solutions: rent-a-car, operating lease, equipment lease, road assistance, transfers services and fleet management. The portfolio of services is provided through a unique network consisting of more than 40 agencies in over 33 cities in Romania and Hungary, and the company operates a fleet of over 12,000 cars.

Autonom Rent-A-Car

With Autonom Rent-A-Car, clients can find the right vehicle for temporary mobility needs (between one day and 12 months), with unlimited mileage for national travels and the option to pick up and drop off the vehicle at different locations. The diverse fleet allows clients to choose from a wide variety of vehicles, from small class up to SUVs, premium vehicles, or vans.

Autonom Lease

With Autonom Lease, companies with large fleet or small entrepreneurial firms can find an outsourcing product, which allows the optimisation of the operational expenses. Thus, through a flexible contract for a period between 12 and 57 months, in exchange for a fixed monthly rate, operating lease represent the right solution for optimizing costs, effort and time for outsourcing car fleets.

Autonom Assistance

Autonom Assistance offers complete roadside assistance services for road events that may occur during a trip. Thus, we offer nationwide towing, replacement car, repatriation, and door-to-door services.

Autonom Drive

Autonom Drive offers integrated mobility services: premium transfers from airport, premium urban and intra-urban transfers, tourist circuits and special events. Each service combines professionalism, safety, and comfort for perfect transport experiences.

Autonom AutoRulate

Autonom AutoRulate offers the possibility to purchase a used car from a wide range of models and commercial vehicles, both for individuals and legal entities. The vehicles come from our operating lease car fleet. They are maintained according to the manufacture's norms, and all the overhauls and repairs have carried out the in authorized centres. Furthermore, all the vehicles are 5 years old maximum, and all have real and transparent mileage.

Autonom is a long-term thinking family company. The success for us is given by the satisfaction of our clients and by the evolution of our colleagues.
At Autonom we promote a friendly and cooperative work environment, and the organizational model is based on small teams, autonomy, flexibility, transparent communication, and decentralized decision-making, and this allows us to act and implement solutions quickly.

The management system is based on values and autonomy, and we are a company that learns and develops every day, by encouraging the personal and professional development of colleagues.

Business growth, profitability and financial stability are all natural consequences.

The values we are guided by are:

 • Honesty and integrity are fundamental to the development of our companies.
 • We do what is necessary to help our clients.
 • We are a team. Respect, common sense, and a smile are our secrets.
 • We are adaptable and flexible. Simplicity is our way.
 • We evolve every day.

The largest mobility
company in Romania

Autonom is the largest mobility network in Romania and we provide our clients with various transportation and car rental solutions through our over 46 agencies present in over 33 cities in Romania and Hungary.

Find out more about our other services and divisions:

Autonom Rent-A-Car

Autonom Lease

Autonom Equipment Lease

Autonom Drive

Autonom Assistance

Autonom Fleet Management

Autonom AutoRulate

Over 46
agencies in 2 countries
brand new cars
Non Stop program

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The Wisdom of Psychopaths: What Saints, Spies, and Serial Killers Can Teach Us About Success

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The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change

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Why We Sleep: Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams

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