Media Appearances

May 2018

Business Review | Dan Stefan (Autonom Rent-a-Car): Our solution to disruption is to stay agile as we grow. Details HERE. | Transactions in the lease market: The financial group Banca Transilvania sells its operating lease division to the rent-a-car company Autonom. Details HERE.

Wall | What plans does Autonom have following the purchase of BT Operational Leasing. Dan Stefan, at Inspiration in Business. Details HERE.

April 2018 | Autonom is included in the “Entrepreneurial Museum. Details HERE and HERE.

WorldBlu | Freedom at Work. Autonom is made a part of the World Blu community. Details HERE and HERE

March 2018

Wall | Autonom: Under 1% of the RCA faulted know they can receive a replacement car during the repairs. Details HERE | Autonom, amongst the best employers in Romania Details HERE

December 2017 | The Brothers Stefan from Neamt have reached 22 mil. Euros in business from car rentals in two countries. The business in Hungary, plus 25%. Details HERE

Iunie 2017 | How do we value a second chance in entrepreneurship – interview with Dan Stefan. Details HERE

May 2017

Blog Autonom | For the fourth year in a row we are on the Car Rental Company of the Year podium in the Romanian TopHotel Awards Gala. Details HERE

DIGI 24 | The Autonom story at Romania Fast Forward – how we started our business and how we grew along the years. Details HERE

April 2017

DIGI 24 | Autonom, among the 15 companies awarded in the “Made in Romania” final. Details HERE

March 2017

Le Petit Journal | About success and the organizational culture – interview with Dan Stefan. Details HERE

February 2017

Business Review | Autonom receives the Business Review award during the Business Award gala. Details HERE

November 2016 | About development and growing the business environment – interview with Marius Stefan Details HERE

Blog Autonom | We are honored to receive, for the third year in a row, the Best Employer award. Details HERE

August 2016 | The courage of being autonomous means innovation and avoiding patterns – interview with Marius and Dan Stefan. Details HERE

April 2016 | The Autonom story from start to present. Details HERE

March 2016 | About opportunities and challenges found while developing relations within people in the team – interview with Marius Stefan. Details HERE

February 2016 | Autonom, a family business growing to be the largest company in its field according to Forbes. Details HERE

January 2016 | Autonom lessons for the year 2016 – interview with Marius Stefan. Details HERE

November 2015 | Interview with Dan Stefan in Cariere magazine about values and their role in the company’s success. Details HERE

Wall | Marius Stefan, CEO Autonom, appointed “Entrepreneur of the Year” 2015 during the Wall-Street Awards Gala. Details HERE

September 2015 | About Autonom’s growth in the B2B segment.Details HERE | Dan Stefan, speaks at the conference “Entrepreneur looking for financing”. Details HERE | About the eco world and sustainability, interview with Dan Stefan. Details HERE

April 2015 | About the Autonom business and more – mobile interview with Marius Stefan. Details HERE

February 2015 | About the man and entrepreneur Marius Stefan. Details HERE

November 2014

Digi24 | Autonom Rent a Car, from idea to success. Details HERE

Blog Autonom | Autonom Rent a Car obtains second place in the Best Employers 2014 awards gala. Details HERE

Blog Autonom | Marius Stefan, general manager Autonom Rent a Car, reaches the finals of the Entrepreneur of the Year competition. Details HERE

October 2014

Forbes | We are awarded a special courage award during the Forbes 500 Business Awards Gala. Details HERE

Septembrie 2014 | The recipe of Romanian entrepreneurs that won against multinationals. Details HERE

ZF Live | Autonom Rent a Car, a business of millions, on ZF Live. Details HERE

August 2014

Business Magazine | Dan Stefan, manager of Autonom Rent a Car, is included in the Top 100 Young Managers, realized by Business Magazine. Details HERE and HERE

May 2014

Blog Autonom | Autonom Rent a Car is awarded the title of Car Rental Company of the Year during the Hotel Tourism and Leisure Investment conference. Details HERE

April 2014

Forbes | Dan Stefan, founder and executive manager of Autonom Rent a Car presents our entrepreneurial story as a guest for the “First Million” event, hosted by Forbes. Details HERE and HERE

November 2012

Blog Autonom | We are awarded, along other nine entrepreneurs in the Moldavia region, during the “Champions in Business” event for results obtained in 2011. Details HERE




In 2018 Autonom joined the international community of companies acknowledged by WorldBlu for promoting freedom and democracy at the work place.
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For the fourth year in a row, Autonom remains the only romanian company awarded by AON Hewitt with the title of "Best Employer of the Year".
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The Champions in Business program supports entrepreneurial performance, discovering and promoting successful entrepreneurs which have built dynamic companies in Romania.
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We have been on the Top Hotel Awards gala podium for the competition of Car Rental Company of the Year for four years in a row, winning two first prizes.
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We have been awarded the Excellence in Business award during the Business Review Awards Gala, an event which recognizes and awards the achievements of the local business community.
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Autonom is awarded during the Made in Romania: the league of 15 unique companies to grow the Romanian Economy event hosted by the Bucharest Stock Exchange.
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Autonom este o companie de familie care gandeste pe termen lung.

Succesul pentru noi este dat de multumirea clientilor si de evolutia colegilor. Cresterea afacerii, profitabilitatea si stabilitatea financiara sunt toate consecinte firesti.

  1. Sistemul de management este bazat pe valorile noastre si pe autonomie.
  2. Autonom este o organizatie care invata. Incurajam dezvoltarea personala a membrilor si sustinem transformarea continua a companiei.
  3. Avem un impact pozitiv in societate si mediu.

Short History

Short history of Autonom company:


June 2018: The Autonom fleet reaches 5000 automobiles.

May 2018: Autonom signs an accord with Banca Transilvania to take over BT Operational Leasing.

April 2018: For the fourth year in a row, we are chosen Best Employer by Aon Romania. In the same month we join the international World Blu network because we support democracy at the work place.

March 2018: We expand to reach a third country – Serbia. We open a new office in Belgrade. We also open a new agency in Romania – in Miercurea Ciuc, thus totaling 48 agencies in 35 cities.


June – December 2017We open 4 new locations: Bistrita, Buzau, Targu Jiu, Ramnicu Valcea and we reopen the Focsani agency.

June 2017:The Autonom fleet reaches 3500 owned cars.

Ianuary 2017:We launch a new service for the companies in Romania: long term equipment rentals.


November 2016:We are honored to receive the Best Employer award for the third year in a row. Details HERE.

August 2016:We open our second office in Hungary, more precisely in the Debrecen airport.


December 2015: Autonom receives the Best Employer title for the second year in a row following a study made by Aon Romania. Details HERE.

November 2015:Autonom purchases Vehicle Management Systems (VMS). Details HERE.

October 2015We expand to the north of Romania with two new agencies in Satu Mare and Baia Mare.

March 2015:We open a new agency in Alba Iulia


November 2014:Autonom is on the Best Employer podium in 2014. Details HERE.

October 2014:We branch out into a new market segment and start offering premium chauffeur rental services.

September 2014:We reach out across borders and open an agency in Hungary, in the capital city of Budapest.

May 2014:We are selected Car Rental Company of the Year during the Hotel Tourism and Leisure Investment Conference. Details HERE


December 2013:We close the year 2013 with a fiscal value of 11 million euros, with a 30% growth from last year. Our company totals 1800 automobiles in 37 rental centers from 24 cities in Romania.


April 2012:Autonom Fleet reaches 1000 new cars.


April – November 2011:Autonom opens three new offices in Tulcea, Resita and Deva.


January – May 2010:Four new agencies open in Oradea, Arad, Craiova and Pitesti.


May – December 2009:Autonom keeps growing. We open three new offices in Botosani, Ploiesti and Roman.


September 2008:We open our agency in Focsani.

June 2008:Autonom’s fleet totals 500 new cars.


December 2007:Autonom has its 10000th customer.

January – November 2007:With the opening of new agencies in Brasov, Cluj, Sibiu, Targu Mures and Timisoara, Autonom now has 21 own centers and is the only Rent a Car agency in Romania with national coverage.


June 2006:At our clients’ request, Autonom closes the first long term rental/operating lease contracts.

May 2006:The Autonom fleet passes 100 new automobiles.

January – June 2006:The first step of our national expansion is under way – we open in Bacau, Bucuresti, Iasi, Suceava, Constanta and Galati.


December 2005:Our first year of activity has validated our business model and we decide to create a national rent a car network.

January 2005:The pilot rent a car agency opens in Piatra Neamt with an initial fleet of 5 new cars.


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The most extensive mobility
company in Romania

Autonom is the most extensive mobility network in Romania and we provide our clients with various transportation and car rental solutions through our over 40 agencies present in over 30 cities in Romania, Hungary and Serbia.

Find out more about our other services and divisions:

Over 40
agencies in 3 countries
brand new cars
Non Stop program